Facing the fierce competition among the various brands of Deep penetration Sealer in Chinese market as concrete protector and waterproofing, Xiamen Xile Waterproof Technologies Co. Ltd. stood to win keen appreciation from broad masses of clients with its unique synthesis technology, splendid processing, step by step control and integrity services. It showed its outstanding quality and scientific functions as a great classic product while excellently applied in more than hundreds types of waterproofing projects in dozens of provinces in China, representing the new thoughts in contemporary concrete waterproofing and demonstrates the roadmap of cutting-edge waterproofing technology. Xiamen Xile Waterproof Technologies Co. Ltd. firstly understood and promoted in the market the application of waterbased capillary inorganic crystalline waterproofer – Deep Penetrating Sealer in mainland China. As a provider for systematic waterproofing solutions, with ten years’ experience in waterproofing, Xiamen Xile is the only company in China to develop its own intellectual property rights and original technology. It goes through a rigorous process of research and development: sample collection, laboratory test, pilot test and large-scale production. Process controls such as digital collection, data classification, component identification, purity determination, titration analysis, technical synthesis, test of samples, etc. are strictly carried out in different stages of development. It reflects the perfect combination and scientific content of physical and chemical techniques, especially in the phase of technical synthesis: double column material feeding, liquid setting, agitation with temperature controllable, cooling feeding, dispersion and filtration, synthesis of composition, etc. Xile Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS) was developed according to the national building materials industry standard JC/T1018-2006 and Beijing local standard DBJ01-54-2000, catering so much to the need of waterproofing for domestic buildings and bridges. DPS is a non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and highly permeable liquid compound, which is safe and easy to use. Directly spray onto cement mortar and concrete surfaces, it soon creates a silica gel membrane within the pores and capillaries existing in the concrete, thereby not only protects the concrete against water, mildew, corrosion from wind and chemicals, but also hardens and strengthens it when the concrete complete full hydration. Furthermore, DPS provides advantages as below: good thermal resistance, strong adhesion, outstanding anti-chloride ion ability, simple operations, etc. Since 1990s, waterbased inorganic crystalline waterproofing agent has been widely used in a large amount of waterproofing projects in China for its distinguishing features. An annual growth rate of more than 15% is maintained while more and more advantages of it are showed. Concrete structure particularly, such as foundation floor, basement, civil defense trench, airport runway, highway, bridge piers, sewage pool, water tower, tank (can) containers, tunnel culvert, etc. are able to withstand more than 1Mpa water pressure after treated by spraying DPS. In order to take leading position in domestic market, Xile Company has been unswervingly adhering to the corporate tenet of Technology Innovation, Quality Foremost, Sincere Service and Self-owned Intellectual Property, and seeking for the corporate spirit of Trustworthiness, Professionalism and Concentration, persisting the corporate principle of common development on self and society. A Chinese old talent Confucius said: "Knowing it is not as good as loving it; loving it is not as good as enjoying it", which really demonstrates the core value we continuously pursuit and strive for. It is said that without long-term strategy, short-term achievement is impossible; without full-scale consideration, partial operation is impracticable. In the face of challenges, we will constantly draw on rigorous management and efficient supply chain system to boot the development of Chinese original DPS, and give it a jump in entering foreign markets fast.