Technical Note

Xile Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS)

About Xile Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS) Xile DPS is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless, clear, water-based liquid compound which is safe and easy to use. Xile DPS owns special character comparing with every other sealant on the market today. It is inorganic and based on natural minerals, affecting neither your health nor the environment. Further Xile DPS can be stored for extended periods. For waterproofing and hardening concrete Xile DPS has the ability to extend the lifetime of concrete structures by protecting them against the elements to which they are subjected to on a daily basis, such as rain, salts, oils and chemicals which all wear down the integrity of the concrete over years, leading to unsightly stained surfaces and gradual structural decay. Xile DPS can be used on most old and new concrete and cementitious surfaces. How does it work? Xile DPS penetrates below the surface and chemically reacts with the alkali and lime found in concrete. This reaction creates a silica gel membrane within the pores and capillaries of the concrete permanently sealing it against the ingress of moisture yet allowing the concrete to breathe. Over a period of time the silica gel membrane hydrates and solidifies into a crystalline structure, increasing the hardness and strength of both new and old concrete whilst reducing moisture vapor emissions and permanently stopping the penetration and flow of water and water-borne contaminants such as chlorides and acids, both on the positive or negative side. Advantages of using Xile DPS Waterproofs concrete. Reduces efflorescence. Permanent, no recoating required. Increases concrete surface hardness and strength.. Allows the concrete to breathe. Can be applied to both dry and damp surfaces. Decreases the formation of dust on concrete. Improves adhesiveness for other finishes. Protects concrete from effects of chemicals. What’s unique about Xile DPS? According to U.S. testing laboratories, the interior of a piece of concrete contains a minimum of 360 times the amount of alkali as compared to the surface area. Xile DPS permeates into the concrete and chemically reacts with this alkali, penetrating the surface by up to 10mm to become a permanent part of the concrete-not just a surface coating .Because it becomes part of the concrete, you only have to apply Xile DPS once (refer to application procedures). Most other sealant applications are surface treatments and , by their own chemical compositions, will react negatively with the moisture and alkali in the concrete and soon peel off or leach out due to this aeration and deterioration. If there is foot or vehicular traffic most sealants on the market will wear off in weeks due to physical abrasion, leaving the concrete unprotected. Since Xile DPS uses the alkali within the concrete, it cannot aerate or deteriorate, thus giving the concrete a permanent waterproofing, seal and cure. Application The concrete substrate should be sound, free from voids, cracks, oil, grease, curing agents or other contaminants. Shake or stir Xile DPS prior to use. Apply Xile DPS liberally by low-pressure spray, roller or brush. Apply a second coat at least 24 hours affer the first coat. On walls, apply Xile DPS from the bottom up. On floors, apply Xile DPS so that the surface has a mirror wet look. Do not allow ponding. If the floor or wall is to be covered with tiles, paint etc, wait at least seven days before covering. Xile DPS is not meant to fill or seal visible cracks. Do not apply to glass, glazed surfaces or aluminum as etching will occur. In case of accidental contact, immediately rinse thoroughly with water. Recommended Coverage Coverage 4㎡ (approx. 40 sq.ft.) per kg (two coats). The coverage depends on the permeability of the concrete substrate and the surface absorption. Technical Data Form: Colorless clear liquid Flash point: Non-flammable Specific gravity: 1.07 Odor: None Solubility in water: Complete Toxicity: Non-toxic Dilutent: USE undiluted Technical Information The reaction of Xile DPS in concrete (especially calcium hydroxide CaOH2) occurs in two stages. The first stage; an air-silicate gel is formed, which then turns into a glass-like crystalline structure. The second stage; during the reaction between the Xile DPS silicate and the calcium hydroxide in the cement, the hydroxide group is vaporized. In short, the chemical reaction ensures that the impregnated layer is dried. Package 20 kg pail For more information on Xile products please visit our website at: WWW.XLWTC.COM