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Xile DPS information

Concrete waterproofing, radon mitigation and more!

Xile Penetrating Concrete Sealer is a reactive internal sealer, which penetrates deep into cementitious materials (up to 2 inches), chemically reacts, bonds and strengthens the substrate, and seals it against liquids and gases. Seals new or old concrete, indoor and outdoor.

Xile was specially developed to provide the tightest possible seal, in order to seal concrete not only against water seepage but also against vapor and even the minute atoms of radon gas.

Concrete, mortar, or stucco are very porous. When concrete cures, surplus water moves to its surface, leaving behind a network of interconnected capillaries. Concrete is more porous than Swiss cheese – typically 12% to 18% air. By deep-sealing the pores (capillaries) inside concrete, Xile prevents or solves the multitude of problems caused by its porosity:

  • Concrete waterproofing - stops or prevents water seepage through concrete in basements, foundation slabs, retaining walls, and roofs
  • Efflorescence - stops or prevents the unsightly "white powder"
  • Damp proofing – seals against water vapor transmission, reduces humidity
  • Radon mitigation - seals concrete against the infiltration of radon gas
  • Mold remediation – reduces humidity and prevents the growth of molds 
  • Dusting - hardens the surface flint-hard, reduces dusting and wear
  • Makes concrete denser and stronger (up to 40% in flexural strength)
  • Reduces concrete cracking – bonds and strengthens concrete, protects rebar against corrosion
  • Protects driveways against freeze-thaw damage and road salts
  • Resists alkalis and acids - protects against deicers and other chemicals, used in kennels
  • Paints or floor coverings - protects concrete paints, stains, adhesives, and floor coverings against “alkali attack” 
  • Deep-cleans concrete – purges contaminants, oil spills, and minerals
  • Preservation – extends the life of concrete, protects against deterioration, pitting, spalling, and crumbling.

What is Xile?

Xile is the heaviest available silicate-based sealer, which penetrates deeper, carries more active minerals, and seals tighter than any other concrete sealant. It does not depend on gravity – it is also used on concrete walls and ceilings. In case of basement walls, Xile is usually applied on the interior to seal against water seepage as well as the seepage of water vapor and radon from the ground. If there is an opportunity to apply it on the outside, it has the added advantage of preserving the exterior of the concrete and extending the life of waterproofing coating.

When concrete cures, it produces "free lime." Xile chemically reacts with the free lime and becomes a silicate mineral – the same mineral produced by the hydration of cement, which bonds, strengthens, and seals the concrete. The results are PERMANENT! No re-application is ever needed.

Sealing with Xile is like injecting portland cement into the pores in concrete. Simply, it results in a higher grade of concrete that is denser, stronger and tighter.

Xile is a user- and environment-friendly waterborne sealer formulated for an easy and safe application.

More information: For more info on how Xile works, the “alkali attack” and efflorescence, how to protect concrete, paints, and flooring against deterioration, and MSDS, visit Sealing Concrete

Unsure about your selection? Visit How to select the best sealer for your project

Quick and easy spray-on application

To apply Xile, the surface must be bare (unpainted) – any paint or sealer, adhesives, grime, efflorescence, etc. has to be removed first.

Spray on Xile with the common hand-pump garden sprayer in 2 or 3 successive applications. It is non-toxic, nonflammable, and non-hazardous. There are no chemical solvents, VOCs, or noxious fumes.

Application: For detailed instructions and tips for sealing various cementitious materials, please read Application Instructions and Tips.

Paintable and non-slippery surface

Xile leaves no film or color on the surface, unless over-applied.

The sealed surface does not become water-repellent or slippery when wet. It does not "bead." It will absorb water drops (it “wets”) but a large puddle will stay, because the concrete is waterproof.

The surface remains suitable for paints or adhesives, thinset, patching, resurfacing, levelers, etc.

Uses for Xile around the Home

·   waterproofing concrete basement floors and walls or foundation slabs

·   waterproofing mortar in stone foundations, porous limestone

·   garage floors

·   concrete driveways, parking areas, parking garages

·   walkways, stairs, patios

·   pool decks (if not colored)

·   concrete roofs, exterior concrete walls

·   concrete homes

·   unpainted stucco, shotcrete

·   potable water cisterns, reservoirs, fish ponds

·   kennels, stables.

Before finishing your basement, protect your investment and seal the concrete with Xile! Covering the walls and floor traps water vapor seeping through the porous surface, which sooner or later will cause molds, mildew, and the typical musty odors.

Your First Step when Moving

Xile spray-on application makes it a quick and easy do-it-yourself home repair or home improvement project.

Selling your house

Before putting the house on the market, seal all the concrete in your basement to avoid any last-minute glitches at closing! Buyers are wary of fresh paint. Stop moisture problems and musty odors. Play it safe and reduce radon to a minimum – radon levels fluctuate widely and a bad short-term radon test can scuttle the closing.

Buying a home

If there is a radon or moisture problem, negotiate a discount for conventional radon mitigation or waterproofing. Then, do it yourself with Xile and save! Protect your family

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