Xile DPS Technical Bulletins

Xile DPS Technical Bulletins

Xile DPS Concrete Sealer is a ready-to-use, water based, non-toxic, penetrating, permanent concrete sealer hardner specifically formulated, and composed of in-organic, chemically reactive, complex catalyzed silicate compounds, which allows full penetration up to seven inches.
Xile DPS Concrete Sealer undergoes a chemical reaction with the byproducts of the curing process to form the highest density of cementitious materials, dramatically enhancing all of the natural characteristics of concrete and reducing the capillary voids to practically zero.  Suitable for all above/below grade, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces.


  • Prevents moisture and vapor migration - .015 WVT perms
  • Prevents metal corrosion and deterioration
  • Improves weathering resistance
  • Negative and positive side application
  • Dustproofs surface
  • Resists freeze thaw (exceeds 360 cycles) to 2.8% loss by weight
  • Hydrostatic pressure to 100 psi (231 ft. below grade)
  • Preserves and prepares masonry for paints, coatings, and adhesives
  • Cures concrete uniformly and increases surface hardness up to 23%
  • Penetrates up to 2 inches
  • Prevents efflorescence
  • Prevents chloride intrusion
  • Adds density and bonding strength
  • Prevents flaking of paint
  • Increases insulation R factor
  • Prevents mildew and fungi
  • Resists acid attack:

Xile DPS Concrete Sealer STOPS:

  • Water and vapor migration up to 231 feet below grade (100 psi)
  • Moisture vapor transmission (.015 WVT)
  • Plastic shrinkage cracking, curl, laitance, and segregation
  • Internal rebar and reinforcing steel corrosion 
  • Alkali and Efflorescence Attack
  • Deterioration and discoloration due to acid rain, and penetration of contaminants

Xile DPS Concrete Sealer RESISTS:

  • Highway and marine chlorides, oil, gas, acids, solvents, bacteria, staining due to reactive aggregates, and the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays
  • Flaking, scaling and spalling due to freeze-thaw

Xile DPS Concrete Sealer REDUCES:

  • Transmission of hazardous gases
  • Internal chlorides by 50%, to as much as 90%

Xile DPS Concrete Sealer PREVENTS:

  • Rust and water-borne contaminant stains, decreasing maintenance costs
  • Lichen, moss and fungus growth on the surface, eliminating potential danger or the need for periodic removal

Xile DPS Concrete Sealer IMPROVES:

  • Overall quality of concrete, masonry, stucco, gunite and mortar
  • Abrasion resistance, reducing damage to the surface caused by heavy equipment
  • Flexural and tensile strength
  • Bond strength

Xile DPS Concrete Sealer INCREASES:

  • High early strength when used as a curing compound
  • Surface hardness and density

BUT Xile DPS Concrete Sealer WON'T, alter, stain, discolor or change the texture of the surface in any way.
PLUS . . . Xile DPS Concrete produces the benefits of a vapor barrier, alkali, efflorescence and corrosion inhibitor, curing agent, dust proofing compound and hardner all combined in an environmentally safe and easy to apply, permanent, concrete sealer. 
It provides the perfect surface dry condition, eliminating the need for additional primers, or intermediate coats and prepares the concrete for the application of paint, surface coatings, treatments and flooring materials.
Xile DPS Concrete Sealer is the most economical, cost effective and simplest solution, for practically every concrete or masonry application, at the cost of a sand/visqueen vapor barrier alone, and all in one easy to apply sealer.
Xile DPS Concrete Sealer, safe, economical, and effective, no other concrete sealer can compare!
Field tested and field proven, Xile DPS Concrete Sealer works, and we guarantee it for 10 years, now that's simple.

Applicable Standards:
Xile DPS Concrete Sealer meets or exceeds the following performance specifications for their appropriate applicability:













F2170 - Sec 7.9

C309 Performance Criteria (see below)


ASTM C-309 Performance Specifications:
Report of ASTM C-156 & C-309, Curing Properties, Loss of Moisture Performance criteria:

  • Tests: Application rate 200 sq. ft. per gallon (one coat)
  • Loss of moisture at 24 hrs.= 0.433 k/m2 at 72 hr's.= 0.541 k/m2

Use a low-pressure sprayer, backpack, Hudson or garden type.  Mist with water prior to application. If acid washing make sure acid is COMPLETELY REMOVED AND NEUTRALIZED prior to application.
It is recommended to wait no longer than 28 days before application. Surface will still be porous enough to insure proper absorption.
A clean surface is required.  Remove any wax, grease, rubber, paint, or any other type of surface sealer.  Concrete older than 4-6 months may require shotblasting or grinding may be required to allow Xile DPS Concrete Sealer to penetrate into the pores of the concrete.
Consult the “Xile DPS Concrete Sealer Application Procedures” technical document.
Two coats minimum are required above grade; three coats below grade.
Application Method:

  • Mist with water, immediately apply first product application coat by saturating the surface.  On vertical surfaces allow approximately 12” rundown.
  • When this is nearly dry, apply second coat.
  • When last application is nearly dry "mist" with water again.  After 12-24 hours, flood surface with water, broom out any puddling.  If efflorescence appears continue flooding twice daily until efflorescence no longer appears.
  • NOTE:  High porosity, suspended lightweight structural, or below-grade applications will require a third or subsequent applications.

The best concrete cure can be obtained with one heavy application (approx. 250 to 300 sq. ft. per gallon) after final finish.
For moisture vapor, alkali efflorescence or pH oriented applications, proceed with re-application of product of product on day two.
Surface Coverage:  Two coat coverage will yield approximately 150 sq. ft. per gallon, two coats.  First coat will use about twice the amount of the second coat.  A third, fourth, or fifth application may be required for some surfaces depending on porosity.
Xile DPS Concrete Sealer is available in the following packages:
275 gallon tote (US.)55 gallon drum (US.)5 gallon pail (US.)1 gallon bottle (US.)
Preparatory Work:
Some steel troweled surfaces, which have aged longer than 28 days, may need to be shot blasted first, contact manufacturer.  Any free or loose dirt, grease, oil, efflorescence, foreign matter, paints or coating, must be physically removed first.
Xile DPS Concrete Sealer is formulated solely for concrete and masonry products and should not be used on asphalt, metal, or wood products.  Will not penetrate acrylic, non-porous, coatings or paint.  Should not be applied below 45°F.  Xile DPS Concrete Sealer will seal against a hydrostatic pressure; however, flowing water must be stopped before application. Very damp, cold days may extend drying times. Higher temperature will shorten drying times.

  • Do not allow to freeze.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Due to pH level do not allow this product to come in contact with plant life or leather.
  • Do not allow product to come in contact with glass, porcelain or ceramic tile, aluminum, zinc or galvanized steel.  Product will permanently etch or erode the smooth surface.  Must be rinsed with water or removed with damp cloth immediately.
  • Alkali salts (efflorescence) which usually appear on the surface must be rinsed off or will react with the carbon dioxide in the air  within 24 hrs. - 48 hrs. and become permanent, insoluble calcium carbonates.  Flooding with water must be performed every 12 -24 hrs.  Flood with water, scrub and flush off thoroughly until no more efflorescence is present.  If not, these salts will require physical removal such as aggressive wire brushing or grinding.

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